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Hello! I'm Dawn, designer and creator of Flourish and Flame Jewelry! I handcraft every piece of jewelry you will find here in my home studio in Ottawa, ON. Growing up, I usually had second-hand clothing but my parents would spoil their only daughter with occasional gifts of fine jewelry; new pieces as well as pieces from my mother and grandmother's collections.


In 2018, my dear friend Larra and I began the successful jewelry company Flourish Stonewear. Larra would design and create gorgeous porcelain jewelry from her home and I would use my design flare in the marketing and business aspects. In 2022, I began the journey of learning the ancient art of metalsmithing and it became a passion! By the end of 2022, I was creating entire pieces and selling them alongside the porcelain jewelry. And Flourish and Flame blossomed from there!

I have always loved expressing myself with jewelry but as a mom, I dressed very practically and comfortably. I still love to be comfortable. But underneath this exhausted mom-exterior is an edgy girl who loves to go against the trends – or at least, come out ahead of them. I'm a lover of straight lines, geometric angles, smooth circles, and geometric abstraction. You will find that in most of my designs. I create the kind of pieces that you can comfortably wear every day at home, but when you feel that flame, you can rock them downtown on date night. 


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