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Hey there! I'm Dawn, the creative force behind Flourish and Flame Jewelry, based in Ottawa, ON. I live with my hubby, three teenagers, my puppy and my bunny. In my home studio, I handcraft jewelry pieces that are dainty and elegant, yet something you can comfortably wear everyday.

My journey into jewelry design began in a unique way. I didn't grow up dreaming of being a jeweler or graduate from a design school. As a kid, I always said my top three jobs would be: Conductor (in an orchestra), Financial Consultant or Bridal Shop Owner.


I ended up working in the federal government.


Thumbs down.

I retired in 2018. It was actually way too intense and stressful; more suited for a young pup. By then I had birthed 3 children who have a significant amount of needs and it was proving to be very difficult for this brain to handle the demands. I had developed PTSD from my job and I was quickly going downhill.


Soon after my retirement, my dear friend Larra and I created the successful jewelry business, Flourish Stonewear. Larra would design and create gorgeous porcelain jewelry from her home and I would use my design flare in the marketing and business aspects.


I eventually dove into the ancient art of metalsmithing, and the passion ignited. By the end of 2022, I was creating entire pieces and selling them alongside the porcelain jewelry.


And Flourish + Flame blossomed from there.

Growing up, I wore second-hand clothes, but my Dutch parents knew how to spoil me with occasional jewelry, blending both new pieces and heirlooms from my mom and grandma. This gave me an appreciation for quality jewelry.

And then as a mom, I only had energy to dress practically and comfortably. But I missed wearing the fun, stylish jewelry that I wore when I worked out of the house!


Hence, my mission: crafting jewelry that's both comfortable and stylish.

I'm all about clean lines, geometric vibes, smooth circles, and abstractness – elements you'll spot in most of my designs. Crafting pieces that effortlessly blend comfort, style, with a slight edginess is my pride.


I'd like to think my jewelry is your daily confidence boost; bringing you from the boardroom to family gatherings; from the soccer field to Sunday brunch; from pj's to grocery shopping.


Because I get it – time's precious, and so is your individuality. So here's to wearing pieces that effortlessly reflect your bold, unique vibe, comfortably!


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