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The Story

Flourish and Flame founder and artist Dawn smiling

Hey friends! I'm Dawn, the creative force behind Flourish and Flame Jewelry, based in Ottawa, ON. I live with my hubby, three teenagers, my puppy and my bunny. In my home studio, I handcraft jewelry pieces that are dainty and elegant, and perfect for everyday wear.

My journey into jewelry design wasn't your typical path. I didn't grow up dreaming of being a jeweler, and I didn't graduate from a design school. As a kid, my top three career dreams were: conductor in an orchestra, financial consultant, or bridal shop owner.


I ended up working in the federal government.


Thumbs down.

When I became a mom, my style shifted to baby-safe and practical. Comfort was key, but I missed the fun accessories. Returning to the office, surrounded by cool young colleagues, I felt like I'd lost my sparkle. "But I used to be cool. I swear."

I left the government in 2016 and needed to do something creative. My great friend, Larra, and I had started the jewelry business Flourish Stonewear and I LOVED everything about it.

As I catapulted into the ancient art of metalsmithing, I began to develop a style of my own. Flourish and Flame Jewelry bloomed from there and I knew I had a new mission: 


Handcrafting jewelry that's both comfortable and stylish and that easily fits with the mom lifestyle.


I want trendy, but I want to do it my way. It's like rediscovering my style again. I want sparkle but smooth, statement pieces toned down to my comfort level, strong yet dainty.


I'd like to think my jewelry is your daily confidence boost; taking you from the boardroom to family gatherings; from the soccer field to Sunday brunch; from pj's to grocery shopping.


Because I get it – time's precious, and so is your individuality. So here's to wearing pieces that reflect your unique style and are comfortable enough for a mom!


Flourish and Flame founder and artist Dawn hammering at a jewelry bench
Flourish and Flame founder and artist Dawn smiling and looking to the side
jewelry bench
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