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7cm in length

Sterling silver or 14k gold-filled


Still Unwavered Dangle Earrings, part of our Unwavering Collection, are a trendy way to spice up your outfit, day or night! Unwavering signifies strength and determination - something I value deeply, in particular in my feelings toward being a mother.


Having a total length of 7cm, these earrings can go from stud to dangle in a second. The dangle can be removed from the stud for your option to wear a minimalist line stud or a minimalist bar dangle. Still Unwavered Dangle Earrings take you effortlessly from picking your kid up from school to sipping a Mexican coffee cocktail on girls' night.


Handmade in Ottawa and available in your choice of sterling silver or 14k gold-fill.


All pieces are crafted by hand so slight variations may occur but all will have the same high quality materials.